About Me

About Me:

I am currently a junior at Barnard College, Columbia University. I am majoring in Linguistics and Psychology and hope to go on to law school and become a civil rights attorney. I grew up in Northern Mexico and West Texas, although I currently live in New York City.  When I’m not cooped up in the library poring over textbooks or cooking in my tiny studio kitchen, you can find me DIY-ing everything, learning photography, and arguing with my friends about the intellectual value of memes.

About This Blog:

Although I am Mexican-American and have a large and special place in my heart for authentic Mexican food, this blog in not only a collection of recipes from my culture (although there will be plenty dedicated to it). Growing up in the United States, and especially now that I live in NYC, integral foods of my upbringing have ranged from Texas brisket to bún thịt nướng, so this blog’s theme will spread throughout as much of the world as I know. I believe that food is one of a universal ways of showing love, whether that be towards oneself or to another person. Much like my linguistic fieldwork, this blog is an attempt to document and share with anyone willing to listen.